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About Smart Color

At Smart Color, we're on a mission to revolutionize your mindset of wearing colors. Personal color analysis is the hottest trend in Korea, and we're bringing it to you! Experience the magic of Smart Color – where every shade tells your story. 💫


Mission & Vision

Personal color analysis is a journey of self-discovery, guiding individuals to connect with their innate beauty by uncovering their best colors.

At Smart Color, we're passionate about empowering you to embrace the best version of yourself. Our approach combines classic Seasonal Color Theories with modern influence from Korean beauty.


Our Services

Your personalized session kicks off with a comprehensive survey to assess your personality and unique features.


Next, a deep dive in a draping session to pinpoint your primary and secondary seasons.


Last, discover your results and receive tailored makeup recommendations based on your best season.

Wanna learn more? Read our A Colorful Blog.


Meet Vanessa

Meet your color expert, Vanessa (also known as Yuli), professionally trained at the London College of Style. With an Advanced Diploma in Colour Analysis and a Distinction, she's your go-to person for all things color!

As a passionate Spring person and dedicated K-beauty advocate, Vanessa is committed to helping you discover your best personal colors.


Get in Touch

Still got questions? No worries! Write an email to anytime.

You can find more information about Smart Color on Instagram and on Google Map as well. Let's get in touch!

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